Airbrush HD Makeup Application

When it comes to makeup there is nothing that compares to the application of airbrush makeup. It creates an even flawless look. I use only the best Temptu formulas on all my clients. I am able to blend many shades of this high-quality makeup to create an exact match allowing your skin to have a youthful healthy glow, without being cakey. It truly takes a unique skill! Not every artist can achieve a natural look! I have made sure that I’ve mastered this technique for all my clients.

No lines. No streaking. Just an even, soft-focus finish.

 Other Benefits include

  • -Naturally light weight
  • -Flawless finish
  • -Mimics skin texture
  • -Long-lasting
  • -Water-resistant
  • -Natural and even on all skin tones and types
Make Up
Make Up

Traditional Makeup

 This option is more budget friendly. We use a variety of high end foundations and make sure to prep + prime the skin for long lasting results. Our skilled artists will have you looking flawless

Bridal Makeup Trials

Trials with I Bridal You


Your bridal hair and makeup trial is one of the many perks of the wedding process and is ALL ABOUT YOU!!  When you arrive, kick back, relax, have a mimosa, glass of wine, tea, or coffee and take a break from the programs and seating charts.  This is the FUN part!


Truthfully.  Tell us what you like and don’t like. Don’t like is the most important.  Our goal is to make you happy, and each tweak will get you closer to your ideal wedding look. Remember, if your stylist/artists are professional they won’t be insulted if the look just isn’t for you. We are here to have you look the best version of yourself & make you HAPPY. Remember, “Happiest girls are the prettiest” – Audrey Hepburn

Feel free to bring photos of your Fabulous dress and makeup/hair styles you like, as well as any hair piece or veil you’re considering using. Anything that will help give the stylist and artist an idea of what you like, styles you lean towards, or how you hope to see yourself.

Keep in mind they are just inspiration. We’d rather draw from inspiration and give you YOUR perfect look!

Make Up
Make Up